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Scenario: There is a shortage of an item in (EMF) and a surplus of the same item in (BRF).

So to transfer the material from BRF to EMF is done by using the internal requisitions

/ internal sales orders.

Modules Involved:



Order Management

Item Setup:

Enable the field "Internal Orders Enabled"

Internal Customer Setup:

- Navigate to Customers -> Standard

Shipping Network Setup:

Verify setup for inter organization Shipping Network between BRF and EMF
- Navigate to Inventory -> Setup -> Organizations -> Shipping Networks

Make sure the Inventory Accounting Periods are open for BRF and EMF

- Go to Change Organization and select BRF or EMF as necessary
- Navigate to Inventory -> Accounting Close Cycle -> Inventory Accounting Periods
- Verify if the Sysdate is in an Open accounting period, else open the same by

clicking on the button Change Status, and clicking ok to the question "Open Period?"

Do a miscellaneous receipt to create on-hand quantity for the item in BRF.
- Go to Change Organization and select BRF
- Navigate to Inventory -> Transactions -> Miscellaneous Transaction
- Create a miscellaneous receipt transaction

- Save record

- Navigate to Inventory -> On-hand, Availability -> On-hand Quantity and verify the

on-hand quantity for the item

Purchasing Setups:

Verify the transaction type and order source

- Navigate to Purchasing -> Setup -> Organizations -> Purchasing Options
- Click on the Internal Requisitions tab
- Notice the Order Type and Order Source setup

Test flow Setups:

1. Create an internal requisition

- Navigate to Purchasing -> Requisitions -> Requisitions

Submit the requisition for approval and check status

Click on the Approve button, then OK
Screen goes back to a blank requisition screen
Go to Purchasing -> Requisitions -> Requisition Summary
Search by entering noted requisition number and verify status is Approved

Run the Create Internal Orders concurrent program.

This process inserts the data from PO into the OM interface tables

-Navigate to Purchasing -> Reports -> Run
- Run the concurrent request
Create Internal Orders
- Go to View -> Requests and verify that the concurrent has completed successfully

Run the Order Import process

This process pulls the data from the OM interface tables into OM

- Go to Orders, Returns -> Import Orders -> Order Import Request
- Select the following parameter values and leave the rest as default

Order Source: Internal
Validate Only? : No.

- Submit the concurrent request

- Go to View -> Requests and verify the presence of Parent and Child requests,

and that they have completed successfully

- View the output of the Child request by clicking on the View Output button.

There should be an indication on successful import and creation of the internal sales order.

4. View the created internal sales order information

· Navigate to Orders, Returns -> Order Organizer

Query the internal sales order by entering

Order Source: Internal
Requisition Number: Enter internal requisition number

- Click on the Open button

5. Pick release the internal sales order

- Navigate to Shipping -> Release Sales Orders -> Release Sales Orders

In the Order tab

Order Number: Enter order number
Scheduled Ship Dates: leave from/to dates as blank
Requested Dates: leave from/to dates as blank

In the Inventory tab

Warehouse: BRF
Auto Allocate: Yes

In the Shipping tab

Autocreate Delivery : Yes
Auto Pick Confirm : Yes

Click on the Concurrent button to submit the pick release process

6. Ship confirm the internal sales order

- Navigate to Shipping Transactions

- Select the order number and click on the Find button

- In the Lines/LPN tab, verify that the Line Status as Staged

- Go to the Delivery tab and click on the Ship Confirm button

- Click on OK

7. Verify the status of the internal sales order

- Query order in the order organizer and verify the line status is now Shipped

At this point run the Workflow Background Process to close the order line.

The Invoice Interface Workflow activity will not interface internal sales order lines;

even if the activity is present within the workflow process (activity will result

in 'Not Eligible' status). Internal order lines are never interfaced to Oracle Receivables.

8. Now that the item has been shipped out of the warehouse BRF,

we will proceed to receive the shipped quantity in EMF.

- Navigate to Purchasing ->Receiving -> Receipts -> Receipts

- Choose the organization as EMF

- In the Requisition field, enter requisition number and click on Find

- Both the Receipts Header / Receipts screen will open

- In the Receipts screen, check the checkbox to the left of the line

Save record

-- This completes the steps for the internal sales order test flow


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